Artemis D Bear

Artemis is a parent, home educator, qualified Level 3 Forest School Leader and registered childminder. An engineer by training, their background is in environmental policy but since becoming a parent, education has become the focus of their intellectual curiosity. They have long dreamed of a place to foment curiosity, promote freedom and nurture community, both for themself and for their children.

Joanna Wood

Jo is a parent and home educator. Her education and training is in Nutrition and she previously worked in the state education sector. The birth of her daughter re-awakened her awareness of the natural curiosity and inherent desire to learn present in all children. This prompted her to seek an alternative to mainstream education for her daughter, one that would provide a rich and stimulating environment and allow her to have true autonomy over her learning.

Amy Wildling

Amy is a writer and story teller who has worked in the state sector as a teacher for 13 years. Trained in Forest School teaching and P4C (philosophy for children), she specialised in work with children from ‘Early Years’ upwards and also with children who have communication difficulties. She seeks to work in environments that value children as equal collaborators in their own education.


We are fortunate to have benefited from the wisdom of many experienced educators, including those who have set up similar projects and other relevant experts, such as play therapists, teachers, psychologists, academics, artists and generally wonderful people who have taken an interest in our project. We'd like to thank them all for their input, especially those fellow home educators who have been involved to various degrees in the development of The Garden over the years.