Children join The Garden 10am - 3pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Our seasons are six week blocks interspersed with one week breaks and longer holidays, roughly following the Bristol school terms.

  • 2019/20

    • Early Autumn 2018: Tuesday 17th September - Thursday 24th October

    • Late Autumn 2018: Tuesday 5th November - Thursday 12th December

    • Winter 2019: Tuesday 7th January - Thursday 13th February

    • Early Spring 2019: Tuesday 25th February - Thursday 2nd April

    • Late Spring 2019: Tuesday 28th April - Thursday 4th June

    • Summer 2019: Tuesday 16th June - Thursday 23rd July

A Day at The Garden

  • The Garden is set in an acre of diverse woodland and meadow that is secure and not open to the public. There is a large heated yurt but most time is spent outside.

  • Children are involved in decision-making at all levels, wherever possible. This takes place through democratic meetings at the beginning and sometimes the end of each day, during which adults and children have an equal say.

  • Resources for specific projects or activities, human and otherwise, are brought in as and when required and requested, budget allowing.

Commitment & Fees

  • A commitment to the three days is important to build a stable community in which ongoing relationships and projects can flourish. Though we cannot offer a drop in arrangement, attendance is always optional on a day to day basis. For the same reason we ask the families to commit to a year with us, though we realise that circumstances change and, as such, are not completely inflexible.

  • The Garden costs are on a sliding scale according to ability to pay and are set at £70-140 per week per child. Places for low income families may be subsidised, budget and circumstance allowing to further bring down the cost. We aim to accommodate everyone who wishes to join us, regardless of ability to pay. The fees are payable by season in advance.

  • An adult from each family is expected to volunteer one Community Day per season to help with essential maintenance at The Garden.