A community for home educating families.

Children are ready to join The Garden when they are able to participate in democratic meetings and when they can take independent responsibility for their basic welfare needs. This is usually around 6 years but varies from child to child and we can consider any child from the first of September after their fifth birthday. We have no upper age limit and everyone may stay until they decide it's no longer the right place for them.

We ask families to commit to the three days per week (10am-3pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) in general. It's not a drop in arrangement and it is not possible to join us for fewer sessions per week. However, attendance is always optional and there are no penalties or justification required for days off or holidays.

In order to keep fees as low as possible the families of children who take part in The Garden are asked to volunteer a small amount of time each Season to help maintain the project.

There is potential for wrap-around care for those who need it.