All welcome!

Our Community Days are a chance to come together six times a year to improve and maintain the site, chop firewood, share food and spend time together in our beautiful oasis in the city. Everyone is welcome to join us for some or all of the day. 

These are the dates for the Community Days this year:

  • Early Autumn 2018: 11am-4pm 30th September - St Werburghs Arts Trail Special

  • Late Autumn 2018: 11am-4pm 25th November

  • Winter 2019: 11am-4pm 20th January

  • Early Spring 2019: 11am-4pm 31st March

  • Late Spring 2019: 11am-4pm 19th May

  • Summer 2019: 11am-4pm 16th June

Children are welcome to come along (though younger ones will need to be supervised) and we tend to bring food to share. Tools useful for making firewood, such as saw, loppers and axes are usually helpful, particularly for the Autumn and Winter Community Days.

It's also a good chance for families who want to know more about how the Democratic Community for Children works to meet us and the families who are part of our community.

See you soon!