The Garden offers a rolling programme of training workshops for people who are exploring or already involved in setting up and running similar projects, or those who are interested in our approach and would like to use elements of it at home or professionally, whether that's in a childcare, mainstream school, alternative education project or therapeutic practice.

Our workshops take place in The Garden 10am-3pm on weekend days and are as interactive as possible.



Our training workshops happen every two months on a rolling schedule over a year. Workshops can be taken individually or as a series and the more you take part in the cheaper they become. Don't worry if you can't make one of our dates; we'll run all the workshops again.

Upcoming dates:

  • Sunday 29th July 2018 - The Garden Essentials
  • Sunday 19th August 2018 - Setting Up a Democratic Community for Children
  • Sunday 14th October 2018 - Emotional Wellbeing
  • Sunday 9th December 2018 - The Social Community
  • Sunday 10th February 2019 - Learner-led Pathways
  • Sunday 14th April 2019 - A Stimulating Environment


We are open to payment plans on request.

  • 1 workshop: £75
  • 2 workshops: £140 (£70 each)
  • 3 workshops: £195 (£65 each)
  • 4 workshops: £240 (£60 each)
  • 5 workshops: £275 (£55 each)
  • 6 workshops: £300 (£50 each)

The Garden Essentials

This workshop covers a general overview of our vision, inspiration, aims and practice. This session is perfect for families or prospective families who wish to develop their understanding of our project but also for those who are interested in applying our approach either at home or professionally.

Main features:

  • Our vision
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • A social community
  • Learner-led pathways
  • A stimulating environment

Next workshop: 10am-3pm on Sunday 17th June 2018


Setting Up a Democratic Community for Children

This workshop will be most useful for those interested or involved in setting up a similar project. It covers the nuts and bolts of the most important things that need to be considered when starting a democratic community.

Main features:

  • Identifying core values
  • Working together
  • Finding a venue
  • Funding options
  • Legal requirements
  • Creating a community

Next workshop: 10am-3pm on Sunday 19th August 2018


Emotional Wellbeing

This workshop covers a detailed look at our approach to emotional wellbeing, including a look at the theory behind why it's at the centre of our philosophy and how we put it into practice. This workshop is useful for parents and educators who wish to move away from a more judgmental way of interacting with children.

Main features:

  • What is emotional wellbeing?
  • Overview of current evidence
  • Mindfullness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • An unconditional approach

Next workshop: 10am-3pm on Sunday 14th October 2018


A Social Community

This workshop looks at how we foster a social community, where we solve problems collaboratively and make decisions collectively. This workshop is useful to anyone who works with community groups, whether adults or children.

Main features:

  • Democratic meetings
  • Agreements
  • Non-violent communication
  • Conflict resolution

Next workshop: 10am-3pm on Sunday 9th December 2018


Learner-led Pathways

This workshop examines the case for allowing children to follow their interests and the idea that this creates the optimal learning environment. It looks at the various methodologies and philosophies that have informed our evidence-base and then illustrates how to put them into practice. This workshop might also be of interest to home educators who wish to expand their understanding of educational theory or expand their toolbox of methods. 

Main features:

  • How people learn
  • Creating autodidacts
  • Project-based learning
  • Hack schools and the maker movement
  • Reflection and documentation

Next workshop: 10am-3pm Sunday 10th February 2019


A Stimulating Environment

Our surroundings are crucial to our experience of the world, the skills and knowledge we acquire and even our general outlook on and approach to life. This workshop looks at how to provide a rich and stimulating environment in a small education project, childcare setting, home, or anywhere else.

Main features:

  • The many benefits of being outdoors
  • The environment as third teacher
  • Forest schools
  • Risk taking and judgement
  • Materials: quality and quantity

Next workshop: 10am-3pm on Sunday 14th April 2019


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